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Future Ministry Locations


This is a growing village about 45 minutes from the airport.  The pastor, a good translator, and his family are well established here and lead a weekly children and youth program. The door is open.  Teams would be housed with the pastor’s family but in dorm-style rooms.  Dates could be flexible.



Camp for those with Disabilities

Putting into words what happens during the two weeks of this special camp is incredibly difficult! God's love is visible in every act of kindness (and there are many) and audible in every note of greeting, laughter, and contented sigh. People with challenges great and small, mental and physical, and some caregivers come together to experience that love in an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. An environment totally opposite from the one they live in the rest of the year. It is no less than a corner of heaven.Walking is much easier with a buddy and the metal "sidewalks" spread over the gravels. The success of the camp is due in a large part to a wonderful team under the direction of Pastor Sasha Demianchenko. There must be leaders for crafts, recreation, music, and Bible studies like in all camps. But in this camp, there must be drivers, heavy lifters, and extra hands for all kinds of things with the commitment of a servant's heart.



It is a region center that used to be a happening place but is now in a very depressed economic situation. UC  helped the congregation purchase a house and began renovation for a place to meet.  Housing would be with families. There have been fall construction teams the past two years that had a great time with their host families. The pastor does not speak English, but his wife does. This town is about 2-1/2 hours south of Kiev just off the highway to Odessa.  They had three camps for kids this year so there would be some date options.



This small village is about one hour from Kyiv. Pastor Volodya has been working here without seeing a lot of results. Pastor Sasha, our friend and the region pastor, is very interested in him and wants to help however possible.  When Volodya got out of the army, he had a life changing salvation experience and felt called to preach. He started to work in this little village because there was no witness at all. The congregation has outgrown the small house and  UC provided money in September, 2018 to make a foundation for a new simple worship hall. This is a great opportunity for construction and also a children’s camp.

Dates are flexible.



Andrushivka Region

This is an area about three hours from Kiev. The pastor supervising this campground project and several small churches, and his wife are delightful people and are accustomed to hosting Americans even though they don’t speak English. There is an old remodeled building and a new building that is not yet complete. There is housing nearby for a team. UC teams have worked in churches in this area several times, but not in recent years. There are good children’s Sunday school programs in each of the churches in this area, but a camp would really help draw kids in.

Dates are flexible.

Other Possibilities
Bohdanivka (VBS)
Hope for Everyone Maternity Home
Voron'kiv (Women's Conference)
Voron'kiv (Camps for Special Needs)
Invankiv (VBS)
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