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"Building Together on a Strong Foundation"

Building Relationships~~Building Lives~~Building Churches~~Building the Kingdom

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Projected Ministry Locations for Summer 2015

On-going projects
Hope for Everyone Maternity Home
Nove Zalissya (VBS)
Velyka Starytsya (Construction & VBS)
Ozera (VBS)
Torgmash (Construction & VBS)
New projects (near Kharkiv)
Ivankiv (VBS)
Roma (Gypsy) church construction & VBS
Truskavets (VBS & Women's Ministry)
Balaklaya church construction & VBS

Pylypovychi (Construction & VBS)

Zmeeov church construction & VBS
Krasyatychi (VBS)
Voron'kiv (VBS & Women's Ministry
Bohdanivka (Construction &VBS)