Ukraine Challenge

Gift Ideas for Ukraine Challenge Ministry

Church Needs Amount Needed in U.S. Dollars
Window or door for a church $100
Remodeling of a "house church" (give all or part) $1000
Bible study materials (100 people for 1 year) $65
Heat system $200
Electrical wiring and lights $200
Handicap ramp $100

Transportation Needs

Van for transporting volunteers $9000

Children's Needs

Food for an orphan child (week) $10
Bible school materials for 1 child $20

Family Needs

Shoes or winter coat $30
Vitamins $10
Family food supplement (month) $30
Medical/Dental supplies for 4 people $50

100% of your contribution goes for ministry projects. Thank you for joining other believers touching lives in Ukraine with the Good News of God's love. Please indicate which of these projects, or other project, you wish to support. Since Ukraine Challenge is a Section 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, your gift is Tax Deductible. Please make your checks payable to:

Ukraine Challenge, Intl. Inc.

Please click HERE for our mailing address and other contact information.


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