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Opportunities in Ivankiv

Meet Pastor Valeriy


Pastor Valeriy, Ivankiv "We live in Ivankiv now because I understand this is God's will." This simple sentence represents Valeriy's deep commitment to God. Ivankiv, a region center, is a long way from Valeriy's home in Lugansk and is in the third zone from Chernobyl. He and his wife and 6 children (4 of his own and 2 foster children) moved there in 2009 to start a church after hearing a sermon about being a missionary from an influential pastor in his life.

In this photo, young people from the church are caroling up the stairwell in an apartment building.


Caroling in Ivankiv

God is building this church in spite of the many obstacles. Young families, professional people, young adults and lots of children are drawn to the Sunday school and worship service held on Sunday afternoon in a building that belongs to 15 elderly members of an unregistered congregation called Evangelical Church. At first they willingly offered to share their building but as the new congregation has grown, their jealousy is expressed in many ways but the most dramatic is removing the light bulbs at the end of the morning service.


Ivankiv winter camp The "Thanksgiving Challenge" provided funds for Pastor Valeriy to lead a winter camp in January that reached 30-35 children.


AWANA is also being used to reach children in Ivankiv as well as two other villages, Shpili and Zaprudka.