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"Then He said to them, 'The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.'"

Luke 10:2 NKJV

     New Opportunity in Dobromel

House church in Dobromel It's always a "head's up" when the same request comes from several sources. The usual response is, "Yes, God, we are listening!" Such has been the case recently with several people wanting us to know and tell others about Dobromel in western Ukraine. The pastor is Vladimir (Volodya) Timstiv who also pastors in Torchinovichi where the Scism Team has worked. Read the following excerpts with an open heart.

The first email is from Mark Koehler, a missionary who works mainly with orphans in southern and western Ukraine who has recently been in the US raising support. "After getting my Ukrainian 'legs' back, I went to Dobromel, L'viv Region, for two weeks to visit the orphanage for children with disabilities, where Sveta (Mark's wife as of Nov. 12) was working. While there, we visited the Baptist church. It is struggling. They have a new pastor, Vladimir Timstev. (Photo above is the church meeting in a member's home. Woman in lower right corner is Sveta and the boy beside her is an orphan who is visiting the group for the first time.)

Pastor Volodya's story

"WE ARE GOING ON TO SERVE FOR GOD'S GLORY IN TORCHINOVICHI AND DOBROMEL. For 15 years we have been building a house of prayer in Dobromel, begging for money from churches here in Ukraine. There are only ten members and it is a hard task for us to consider finishing this building. There are some people who want to visit us but don't want to meet in someone's home. If the Lord is calling someone to help us, we will be glad and God will bless you."
Church under construction
  Dobromel church Here is the only recent picture of the construction in Dobromel. Here are the facts that we know: the building needs electricity and finishing the walls and floors to be ready to use for services. A few years ago a visiting group pledged money to finish the church if the members at that time could put in the windows. They did their part but the pledge was never honored. The pastor is disappointed and struggles to give encouragement as another year comes to an end.

God has presented this need to us three times. Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest will not only send workers in His time but also the finances to buy the materials.


  The need in this project is primarily for funds to help complete the construction of the church building. Of course a team would certainly be welcome to help with the construction. A one-time gift or a monthly stipend would make a tremendous difference in this area. Want to help? Click here for information on making donations. Designate Dobromel.